This was my first time getting my eyebrows shaped professionally ever.I decided I wanted to try threading, because I have sensitive skin and am kind of a germaphobe.I read reviews for places online in my area, and this place had the best ratings.The woman there was so kind and very professional, she was finished in five minutes, and my brows looked awesome! Overall great experience, I will definitely be back.

I have been to A BEAUTY BY DESIGN eyebrow threading salons in the schaumburg area and i must say that this is the best in the west suburbs salon. they are quick, the painlessservices, and the service is affordable enough to go in every couple of weeks!

Well ... she does not have any definite charges.She does not have fixed charges. She looks at the customer and charges accordingly. That's not fair! She should put up the charges somewhere in the salon. Also the aprons she uses stink as if they have never been washed!

Just got my eyebrows threaded from here yesterday. This place is awesome!! They are well-staffed, so there's never any long waits. The lady did my eyebrows in about five minutes. And she did a great job! I highly recommend them .

I went Yesterday to get my eyebrows threaded. The lady i had did a very good job she took her time and didnt rush. It took a little longer than other places ive gone such as the mall. It was totally empty though in the building and super quiet which was kind of awkward but overall she did a good job. The one thing I did not like is i paid with my debit card and the recepit said $6.00 and i did a $5.00 tip so total was $11.00 but i seen on my account it charged $7.25 and thats not including the tip i know that gets taken out later so im curious to see if it will end up being $11.00 or an extra $1.25.

I have been going to A BEAUTY BY DESIGN for over 4 years, and always get compliments on my eyebrows. I have tried other places over the time but have always been disappointed, A BEAUTY BY DESIGN rates are so inexpensive, and because she offers so many services you need not go anywhere else. I love this shop!!!!

I found this place online because I was in need of some threading while I was visiting a friend in Schaumburg. The service was so friendly and they did a very thorough job. It only cost $6 vs the $15 I was paying for eyebrow threading in the city. Now whenever I visit thatsfriend in Schaumburg I make it a point to stop back into Beauty By Design to get my eyebrows threaded. I highly recommend the place.

I wasn't going to review because I didn't want to give away the best kept secret for threading BUT they deserve it so I'll share it width everyone. In a tiny strip mall you're going to find a great place for all kinds of beauty services. I think they are known for threading but they offer a lot more. They are the BEST at what they do. Quick, no wait, good price, professional, and very nice!!

Always a perfect or nearly perfect job. This was my place for the longest time, and I still haven't found a replacement since we moved about 30 minutes away. With the little ones in tow, that's a bit too far to drive for eyebrow maintenance. 4 stars instead of 5 because They have filthy toys for children to play with (and I do mean filthy), and I never feel 100% safe in the parking lot given the slight sketchiness of the strip mall.

The woman Paru was very nice and had a pleasant demeanor I agree. I opted for a brazillian wax prior to vacation, I've had one before. This was by far the most painful wax I received. Even though I was in alot of pain, Paru coached me through it like a professional. The main reason I am giving it two stars is because of the pictures provided, there is little put into (by the owner) the back room where they do these private waxes. The backroom was extensively dirty, dusty, unkept, and there was not adequate supplies. I had to ask Paru for a towel to cover up for modesty, she provided a towel that looked like it was used for cleaning. Although Paru was very nice, and the front of the shop is kept very clean I would not recommend this place for any extensive hair removal. The fact that the owner does not put in the resources or money into the backroom where a customer wants to feel secure and clean. Sorry but this is not on my repeat list.

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